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Ray Martell

Owner / Recording Engineer & Producer

Ray has been a longtime musician and recording artist. He has been part of many bands, and currently plays in several local-area groups. His work throughout the years covers a broad spectrum of musical styles from jazz to classic rock to prog rock. Ray’s production processes includes tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering. Ray is increasingly committed to teaching and helping others to pursue their dreams of capturing their musical talents.


Find your sound in the Redwoods

Redwood Records uses high-end audio recordings using modern desktop audio workstation technology. Record live in the comfort of our home studio with multi-tracking options available. Utilize our studio equipment or use your own. We have a variety of options for hardware connections. At Redwood Records, we use Focusrite Interfaces and Ableton Live to capture and record your projects.

Additional services include mastering and production of your audio recordings that are suitable for personal use or mass duplication. Redwood Records Studios also has available live bass tracks for your recordings.

With over 40 years experience as a musician, we can provide you with a subjective evaluation of your needs, no mater your style or genre. We will go the extra mile to assure your needs are met. We have the experience you can trust!

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Find your sound in the Redwoods

Redwood Records is a full-service audio recording studio that first open its doors in 2014 in a small space where bumping elbows was not uncommon. In 2019, the studio expanded its operations and now includes over 550 square feet of treated studio space. 


Redwood Records can accommodate most projects with its proven reputation to professionally recorded many different genres ranging from Acapella Vocals, Country, Rock, Rap, Gospel, Metal, Punk, and Hard Rock… welcoming all talents!


Redwood Records is your professional studio to record your next masterpiece. We take pride in our reputation and conduct our business with the utmost professionalism backed by a policy prohibiting alcoholic beverages and controlled substances during your visit to our studio, however; your creativity is most certainly welcomed!


We look forward to working with you!


Find your sound in the Redwoods

Redwood Records is honored to have worked with these talented and professional artists.



Hailing from Northern California, Shacknasty is a loud, aggressive rock band. It is hard to fit them into a particular genre due to their diverse musical influences, ranging from 70’s classic rock to 90’s grunge and 2000’s metal.

Black GTO

Black GTO was created from three musicians that put together some music as an extra project. Vince Danna is the lead guitarist for Disturbing The Peace PC415, Ray Martell is the Bass player for Shacknasty, and Greg Johnson is the Drummer for Shacknasty.


BorderCoast plays an eclectic mix of danceable, recognizable classic rock tunes, christian rock, and original compositions.




Crescent City, California original Alternative Hard Rock Grunge band. The Brain Child of Ray Martell

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    Find your sound in the Redwoods

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