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Hailing from Northern California, Shacknasty is a loud, aggressive rock band. It is hard to fit them into a particular genre due to their diverse musical influences, ranging from 70’s classic rock to 90’s grunge and 2000’s metal.


Shacknasty newest album, Destabilizer, is now available for digital download. Looking for a sample? Click here to play the teaser!

Destabilizer Is Now Available

Click here to visit the official Shacknasty website!

KFUG: The official Shack Bootleg’ is a FREE six song download as an appreciation to all our fan! This set was recorded live at the KFUG studio on November of 2017.


Black GTO

Black GTO was created from three musicians that put together some music as an extra project. Vince Danna is the lead guitarist for Disturbing The Peace PC415, Ray Martell is the Bass player for Shacknasty and Greg Johnson is the Drummer for Shacknasty.


Click here to play a sample of Black GTO.


BorderCoast plays an eclectic mix of danceable, recognizable classic rock tunes, christian rock, and original compositions.


Classic Blind Faith song performed by BorderCoast. Recorded and Produced at Redwood Records, Crescent City, California. Find your sound in the Redwoods!


Click here to buy and download the complete audio file.